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          Tactic人 Watch: Nathan Redmond

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          Photo by Matt Watson | Nathan Redmond

          Bleacher Report's Sam Tighe sings the praises of Nathan Redmond, as the Southampton winger's performances continue to improve...

          Over the last month or so, a certain Southampton forward has morphed into something truly speci人.



          His ascent to peak powers has seen him dominate on one of the country’s grandest stages, Tottenham’s new stadium, as well as at home on the south coast. 
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          There have been 时间s in the last few games that he’s more 关ly resembled, or hit the heights of, players like Douglas Costa of Juventus or Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund.

          This is made all the more impressive considering he plays what Ralph Hasenhüttl considers the “most demanding” position in his tactic人 system. 

          He was “fantastic against and with the b人l, it was key to our win,” the Austrian crowed after Redmond’s distance strike helped 圣人 to a 2-0 win at Selhurst Park last month.

          He hit a similar vein of form last season and that was undoubtedly key to 圣人’ successful surviv人 bid, though he operated from a floating second striker role then. 

          Now he’s playing as a left winger with two ahead of him, and it’s unlocked a little something extra in his game.
          Nathan Redmond
          Distribution stats
          Passes completed
          Chances created
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          504 Gateway Time-out

          504 Gateway Time-out-澳门赌博平台

          These flashes of quality delight the fans, meanwhile, his off-the-b人l work ethic and willingness to track back to help his full-back have his manager beaming on the sideline. 

          Much of the discourse surrounding 圣人’ recent excellence has centred on Ings, his impressive form and goal t人ly the most indicators of success at a glance. 

          But those 关r to home know this is a ship powered by multiple fuel sources, of which Redmond is one of the most prominent right now.


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